Breaking News: The Federal launches its Telangana edition

Our expansion is not just linguistic; it’s a journey towards a richer, more interconnected understanding of the world we share.
The Federal Telangana
The Federal TelanganaThe Federal Telangana

Four years after its launch, India’s leading news website, The Federal, has rolled out its Telangana edition – in Telugu. In keeping with its motto of viewing India from the perspective of states, The Federal Telangana is the first in a series of editions from across the country’s state capitals.

S Srinivasan, Editor-in-Chief of The Federal, says: “Beginning with Telugu, we will continue to deliver quality journalism in various languages across states with the same zeal and commitment as we have been doing with our flagship edition of The Federal in English. With this, discerning readers across states will get access to better journalism in their preferred languages.”

The Federal is part of the Chennai-based New Generation Media, reputed for its flagship Puthiya Thalaimurai Television Channel.

“Launching The Federal in multiple languages is a testament to our commitment to inclusivity and global accessibility,” said Rajamani C, CEO, New Generation Media. “In the diverse tapestry of the world, language should never be a barrier to quality journalism. At The Federal, we believe in delivering news that transcends borders, resonates with every reader, and makes sense in any language.”

“Our expansion is not just linguistic; it’s a journey towards a richer, more interconnected understanding of the world we share. As we set our sights on the upcoming elections, our commitment is unwavering – to deliver impactful, unbiased coverage that resonates with every voter," the CEO added.

"Expanding into multiple languages not only opens new avenues for information exchange but also presents vast opportunities for regional advertisers to connect with diverse audiences. Join us as we break barriers and deliver news that truly talks sense, no matter where you are or what language you speak.”

For The Federal, the foray into the various states is an exciting, yet challenging attempt given the fast-evolving media scenario in terms of technology, content, and news preferences. The new platform hopes to show up India’s young state to the world, and vice-versa, with a fresh perspective.

The Federal Telangana is driven by senior journalist Jinka Nagaraju, known and respected in the state for his hard-hitting and fair journalism.

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